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After many harvests – Honza and Klára became the parents of the twins and the owners of the winery. However, everyday worries have alienated them and they are currently living separately. This is the story of the renaissance of their love in the beautiful landscape of South Moravia. For Klára and Honza, the decisive time of the wine year is coming – the vintage. Under dramatic circumstances, Honza meets his friend Jirka after years. He enthusiastically rushes to visit Moravia to help with the harvest, which of course he does not understand at all. At the same time, they hide from Honza that he has kidnapped his adolescent son, Cuba, who is traveling with them, and he also runs away from the debts that he managed to hack during the time they had not seen each other. Honza and Klára have problems over their heads. In addition to marriage, he solves how to help a failing winery and prevent theft in vineyards. In addition, Klára struggles with the plots of the employees and the prejudices of the surroundings, who do not believe that as a woman she can make quality wine and exceed the shadow of her father.

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